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Parking in District II

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Parking in District II

The Budapest District II Mayor’s Office took over the parking control function - which earlier had been operated by a private company - on 21 March, 2011. It resulted in the foundation of the Parking Group (at present: Parking Department and Parking Customer Service) within the City Security and Environmental Office (at present: Urban Management Directorate) of the Budapest District II Mayor’s Office.
The Parking Department operates 300 parking machines in the parking zones, and nearly 40 parking inspectors control the regularity of parking in about 8000 spaces in these areas.
The employees of the Office perform the controlling, customer service, maintaining and executive tasks on weekdays.

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: from 9am to 5pm
Wednesday: from 9am to 6pm
Friday: from 9am to 4pm
Lunchtime: from 12.30 to 1pm
Closing of cash register: 15 minutes before the end of the opening hours
(See below for contact details.)

Where do I have to pay for parking?

According to the current Regulation on the Order of Waiting:

1. Viziváros
The area bordered by Margit Boulevard - Széna Square - Csalogány Street - Bem Embankment, including the boundary roads and squares, and Széll Kálmán Square.

2. Rózsadomb
The area bordered by Margit Boulevard - Széll Kálmán Square - Szilágyi Erzsébet Alley -Trombitás Road - Garas Street - Marczibányi Square - Ribáry Street - Bimbó Road - Ady Endre Street - Szemlőhegy Street - Rómer Flóris Street - Margit Street, including the boundary roads and squares - expect for Margit Boulevard, Széll Kálmán Square and Marczibányi Square -, and Mecset Street.
The area bordered by Szilágyi Erzsébet Alley – Házmán Street – Pázsit Street - Gábor Áron Street - Pasaréti Road - Radna Street - Herman Ottó Road - Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Road - Fillér Street -Lévay Street - Alvinci Road - Bimbó Road - Alsó Törökvész Road - Eszter Street - Áldás Street - Szemlőhegy Street - Ady Endre Road - Bimbó Road - Ribáry Street - Marczibányi Square - Garas Street – Trombitás Road, including the boundary roads and squares, expect for Szemlőhegy Street, Ady Endre Road, Bimbó Road, Ribáry Street, Garas Street and Trombitás Road.

3. Felhévíz
The area bordered by Margit Boulvard – Török Street - Frankel Leó Road - Zsigmond Square - Ürömi Street - Kolozsvári Tamás Street - Daru Street - Felhévízi Street - Pusztaszeri Road - Szépvölgyi Road - Árpád fejedelem Road, including the boundary roads and squares.

4. Vérhalom
The area bordered by Szemlőhegy Street - Józsefhegyi Street - Csejtei Street - Pusztaszeri Road - Szépvölgyi Road - Árpád fejedelem Road - Margit Boulevard - Margit Street - Rómer Flóris Street - Szemlőhegy Street - Ady Endre Street - Bimbó Road - Ribáry Street - Marczibányi Square - Garas Street - Trombitás Road (expect for Margit Boulevard, Margit Street, Rómer Flóris Street, Ady Endre Road, Bimbó Street, Ribáry Street, Garas Street, Trombitás Street and Mecset Street), including the boundary roads and squares.

Attention! The odd side of Csalogány Street is the one that belongs to District II! In case of waiting in Csalogány Street, please buy your parking ticket on the side you have started waiting!

How can I pay for parking?

•    in cash (the ticket vending machine accepts each coin in circulation in Hungary)
•    parking card (you can buy it at the Parking Customer Service for a single card fee and the uploaded amount. The card can be used only in the ticket vending machines of Budapest District II!)
•    mobile parking (from 1 July, 2014 the National Mobile Paying Company operates the electronic fee payment. For more information visit the following website:

What should I do if I get a payment request?

If you had a valid fee payment or licence which complies with the Capital City Regulation, please send it to us in any of the following ways (we can accept the parking ticket or parking card of disabled people only in original form, not through electronic means):

-    in person
17-21 Bécsi Road, Budapest 1023 (06 (1) 346-5599)
-    by post
Pf. 21. Budapest, 1277
-    by e-mail (expect parking ticket or parking card of disabled people)

In case you didn’t have a valid fee payment or licence, the extra charge can be settled by paying your original fee. You can make your payment as it may be read on the request.

Why don’t parking inspectors deal with the problems?

The inspector’s task is to control the payment of waiting fees and the validity of licences, and to charge extra charges. If you have any questions, complaints or remarks, our colleagues at the Customer Service are ready to help you.

Why is there no parking zone sign at the beginning of the street?

The designation of waiting zones happens according to the Traffic Regulations. The “zone’s start” sign is placed at the beginning of the zone, and its scope is lifted only by the “zone’s end” sign. Accordingly within the zones the “start” and the “end” of the zone is not signed separately in each streets.

I would like to unload. Do I have to buy a ticket?

Loading is not considered as waiting until loading is continuous and the parking inspector can see the movement of goods. The case when a lorry uses a loading disc that has been issued by the Mayor of Budapest for the transport of freight is an exception. In this case between 10am and 5pm you don’t have to pay a waiting fee for waiting up to 20 minutes. The time when the waiting starts should be indicated with the loading disc placed behind the windscreen of the vehicle.

What is grace period? 5 or 15 minutes?

It’s important to know that there’s no grace period for buying a ticket. Its promptness is stated in the Capital City General Assembly Regulation. When your ticket has expired and if you bought your ticket for less than an hour, you have 5 minutes grace period, but if you bought it for more than an hour, you have 15 minutes.

Under what conditions can a preferential parking licence be claimed?

The order of waiting with a vehicle and the amount of waiting fee in the limited waiting zones are regulated in the Capital City General Assembly Regulation number 30/2010.(VI.04.) and in the General Assembly of Budapest Capital City District II Government Regulation number 14/2010.(VI.24.). These regulations also define the conditions of issuing of preferential waiting licences.

Parking inspectors check the existence and validity of licences based on the licence plate number through an electronic way.
Licences issued for the current year are valid until 31 January of the following year!

On the initiative of Mayor Dr. Zsolt Láng, the General Assembly of the Government decided that, from 1 February, 2010, parking must only be paid for from 8.30am instead of 8am in District II thus helping parents delivering their children to school, kindergarten and nursery. In District II you only have to pay for parking on weekdays from 8.30am to 6pm!

Why may a chargeable parking card be useful?

The community and institutional customers can take out a parking card, which can be used in the parking machines of the District II Government. The card makes paying the fee more convenient.
The District II Government manages the parking system through the Mayor’s Office. This parking system can subsequently be used for paying fee by card holders as well. The parking card can be bought for 1000 HUF by individuals and for 2000 HUF by a business at the Parking Customer Service (17-21 Bécsi Road, Budapest 1023), and you can charge an amount rounding off 1000 on it.
The institutional card can only be used for parking with a car whose registration number has been registered at the Customer Service. The parking inspectors charge an extra charge in case of an unauthorized car (a car that has other licence plate number). The system automatically recognizes by which card was the ticket paid for, and the machines of the parking inspectors indicates if the parking card was put behind the windscreen of another car.
You can buy a new parking card for 1000 HUF in case your card has been lost or damaged, however, the Government can’t refund the amount on the card. If you don’t need the card anymore, the card fee and the amount on the card can be refund against the purchase invoice.

We would like to draw our customers’ attention that the parking card can’t be used for paying the extra charge!
More information: 36 (1) 346-5599

How can I request an invoice for my parking ticket and for a non-cash extra charge afterwards?

We would like to inform our Esteemed Customers that their claim for issuing an invoice for the parking ticket and for a non-cash extra charge shall be indicated within 15 days after the delivery according to the 163. § of the Law on General Sales Tax year 2007 (CXXVII.). Following this we will not be able to issue an invoice.
We would also like to inform you that you can indicate your requirement for an invoice for a parking ticket that was bought within the area owned by either the Capital City Government or by the District II Government at the Parking Customer Service of the District II Government, in person or by post (with tax number indicated) to the following address:
District II Government Urban Management Directorate–Parking Customer Service: 1277 Bp. 23 Pf. 21.

Send your ideas, observations, questions to our Local Government here!