Office Hours
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Office hours

The registry office on new premises

The office informs the clients that from 29(th) September the registrars receive them at Mayor’s Office (Town Hall, 1024 Mechwart Park 1., ground floor). 346-5631, 346-5632, 346-5645, 346-5633. Fax: 346-5635

ATTENTION! New consulting hours at the Document Registering Office. Details.

Mayor’s Office (Town Hall)

AddressAvailabilityOffice hours
1024 Mechwart Park 1

Postal Address:

1277 Budapest 23., P.O.Box: 21.
Central telephone line:


Central fax: 346-5592

Monday: 13.30-18.00

Wednesday: 8.00-16.00

Friday: 8.00-11.30

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