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Zsolt Láng

Since my birth I have been living in the II. District. After having accomplished the Kodály Zoltán Music Primary School of Marczibányi Square in Buda, I graduated the Toldy Ferenc Grammar School. I obtained my first degree at the College of Public Administration, afterwards I continued my studies at ELTE State- and Jurisprudence Faculty. A doctorate was conferred on me in spring 2000. I speak English language. For eleven years I managed the Hungarian bureau of an international transport firm.

Since my youth I have been concerned, who and how shapes the rules of our life, how we may interfere into the daily affairs of our community. Yet a grammar-school student I joined the II. District’s Organization of FIDESZ party in 1990, being its president since 2001.

In the past two cycles I managed to get into the local government’s body of representatives from an individual district and in the course of these 8 years it has become clear for me, that there are still tasks to be developed, resolved and improved, to which I received many ideas, advice from the local citizens.

As mayor I would like to be the real manager of the district. I would also like to perform my work in a manner that makes the local population feel, that their elected leaders are aware of their troubles and serve their interests honestly.

Consulting hours:
Prior appointment fixing in Mayor's Office (1024 Mechwart Park 1, Room 212.) on the 346-5400 phone number.
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