Local Part-Government of Pesthidegkút district
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Establishment of local part-government of the district

Pesthidegkút – a region which has exceptional geographical conditions, various historical relics and a many-sided culture – has been populated since the very beginning of ages and forms a well-separated district within this part of the town. Its history that overarches significant epochs belongs to people of the most diverse nations and religions.

In 1946 the German people of Hidegkút – the descendants of Swabian settlers determining the destiny of the settlement since 1711 – were removed to West-Germany in two portions, afterwards in 1950 the village was connected to Budapest, forming since then the part of the II District.
The district received the II/a name of bad remembrance during the socialism and in the opinion of its inhabitants it was treated as being second-rated. The local inhabitants felt that Hidegkút was in a so called colonial fate, although – due to the wonderful natural surroundings – it was well-situated, clear-aired and relatively easily accessible being in the vicinity of the city centre. The leaders of the district did not turn back the money originating from the building sites sold on high rate into the development of the infrastructure of the area. Therefore Pesthidegkút remained on a rural, suburban level, being attractive for many people for that very reason. But that means an undemanding development level regarding the sewerage systems, public roads, telephone network, shops and other mains.
After the change of regime the sounds requesting the separation strengthened but unfortunately the required majority wasn’t achieved on the referendum held for this purpose. In this way Pesthidegkút remained the part of the II District, yet its positions became a little bit stronger. The question of separation came to an end by the establishment of local part-government of Pesthidegkút district in 1992.

The activity of Local Part-Government of Pesthidegkút city district

The essence and operational principle of a local part-governmental solution of directing a city-district is the fact that in every cases which concerns Pesthidegkút, this part-government can express its opinion. Besides the representatives from the three individual electoral districts, together with the delegates of the parties, the delegate body of the city-district local part-government consist of 9 persons at present, and usually have meeting every two weeks. The Pesthidegkút city-district local part-government takes part in the organizational work of local public services, in issues affecting directly the inhabitants living in its competence domain, especially in development and organization of city-district, in protection of the built and natural environment, in maintenance of public roads and public areas, in organization of general educational, social and cultural programmes. In such questions the Pesthidegkút city-district local part-government has the right of proposal-making, opinion expressing, agreement and inspection.

According to the general practice the different offices of the Town Hall of II District’s Local Government (building construction, technologies, property management) send the proposals relevant to Pesthidegkút district for its local part-government and for the concerned committees in order to get a prior opinion on the subject matter. The Pesthidegkút part-government takes up a position in each question. In case of eventually arising authority conflicts the decisions will be brought by the representative body of the Local Government.
In the Community House of Pesthidegkút – where the meetings of the part-government are also held – a Community Servicing Office operates since 1992 and a Document Administration Office since June 2000, therefore the inhabitants are exempted from queuing, worrying, as they can arrange their day-to-day affairs on site (passport, identity cards, address cards, applications, forms and any other information). When starting the part-government of Pesthidegkút, the matters of constructions, technology and the property-management were planned to be solved here as well, but this is still under process: the development is practically on the agenda. The creation of the suitable conditions for the overall availability of the documents and data and the necessary managing personnel could be possible in the central building of Mechwart Park. A real changing can be imagined parallel with the modernization of the informatics technology that would bring into existence the virtual offices allowing electronic administration.

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